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Helping You Retire with Confidence

A comfortable, confident lifestyle and retirement. That’s what we want for each and every client who walks through our doors. We make an effort to connect with our clients, which enables us to understand your current position, become familiar with your goals and values, and help you craft a plan for managing your finances. This is what help us position you for the life you want.

Lewis Financial Group is a trusted partner in this community, and we have worked hard to achieve and maintain that role. We share common ground with you and we understand how hard you work. We want to be your resource for gaining forward momentum in your journey to and through retirement. That’s why we are always available and approachable when you have questions. It’s our goal to help you expand and deepen your financial knowledge through ongoing conversations about your financial position and future goals. We start by meeting you where you are and champion your journey to your ideal retirement.

Real connection is as important to us as it is to you because we know that this personal approach helps us foster your financial independence and growth. Take a look at our services, our values, and our mission. We think you will feel right at home.

Retirement Planning Made Simple with Helpful Tools and<br/>Proven Strategies

Retirement Planning Made Simple with Helpful Tools and
Proven Strategies

Retirement planning doesn’t have to be complex or confusing. You already have a strong foundation to build on. We give you planning tools and helpful guardrails to keep you on track. You make the choices; we’re here to offer guidance.

Personal Connection and Open Communication for<br/>True Alignment

Personal Connection and Open Communication for
True Alignment

The deeper our understanding of your goals, the better we can facilitate your forward momentum. We are relational because we want to know what’s important to you so we can help you pursue it. Trust and communication are key to our process. We find true alignment through open dialogue and education as you move forward in your financial journey.

Our Foundational Belief in the Power of Community

Our clients are you, your family, your coworkers, and your neighbors. We take pride in supporting local heroes like educators and healthcare professionals. We know you have worked hard to get where you are, and it's our goal to ensure that you can enjoy the comfortable retirement you have earned. Like you, Lewis Financial Group is part of this community, and we are proud of our roots here. 

Core Values

Personalized Education

Everyone comes to matters of finance from a different starting point. We believe our clients can increase their confidence by increasing their knowledge. So, we take the time to dig deep, sharing our knowledge, experience and insights with you.

Genuine Connection

We believe that to support your journey, it’s essential for us to know who you are and what’s important to you.  We work to develop a personalized connection with each of our clients by being patient, responsive and approachable. 

Meaningful Communication

Our clients trust us to work on their behalf, always keeping their priorities foremost. They trust us to communicate the information they need at a level of detail they desire. We foster real alignment through this kind of communication and they trust us more for it.

Forward Momentum

We want to help you move forward. You don’t have to understand everything to show up and get started. We offer a simple plan with guard rails. This makes it easy to gain confidence because you can trust you're taking the right steps and moving toward to your ideal retirement.

Our Financial Partners

 Parent Company: Cetera Advisor Networks

Our Custodian: Pershing

Our Services

Lewis Financial Group offers a full range of financial and investment services to help you assess and enhance your financial outlook and forward momentum.

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Our Approach

We believe in the power of connection to help you pursue your financial and retirement goals confidently and effectively.

Our Approach

Our Team

Our team is here for you. Our financial professionals have the knowledge and skill to support your goals. We are always on your side, helping you live confidently.

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